Sunday, December 10, 2006

Troop Prayers?

I am receiving many of the touching emails urging prayers for our troops: It goes

"Lord, hold our troops in your loving hands. Protect them as they protect us. Bless them and their families for the selfless acts they perform for us in our time of need. Amen." When you receive this, please stop for a moment and say a prayer for our troops around the world. There's nothing attached; just send this to all in your address book. Do not let it stop with you, please - of all the gifts you could give a US Soldier, Sailor, Airman, or Marine deployed in harm's way, prayer is the very best!!!

Yet there can be no division of prayers, no troops more in need of prayers than another. Praying for any over that of others is saying that some are more worthy than others, and is an attempt to weigh the scales and doom others to harm. There is no soldier who does not eminate from and live in God's heart. There is no soldier or country more loved by God than another. God sees no country, God sees no policy; God sees and knows us all only with a love that understands our mistaken focus to be causing us traumas. Establishing our Allegiance with God's way of life stops us from participating in actions that would harm ourselves and others.

All troops have families, all troops believe they are performing selfless acts. ALL troops need prayer as do those who send them and train them to combat, that they may feel and know other ways and priorities of living.

The most selfless acts we can perform is to live with love for the betterment of others. Why not offer true prayer of love for ALL SOLDIERS that they ALL be protected by and to create peace.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Forgiveness in Pennsylvania Shared With the World

There is beauty in what, to human-focused eyes, appears to be a tragedy in the land of the Amish following the shootings of the children: Good things for individuals to hear of and know and live and good things for the world's people.

The media continue to follow that community, the people, the burials, and the world sees people who live a life of God's love and forgiveness -- A people who do not reflexively, habitually, culturally, personally, believe that a violent act requires a violent response. Indeed, a community that drapes its concern and prayers around the shoulders and souls of the family of the man who committed the act of shooting their community's children.

And what of the act of the man who pulled the trigger so many times and then turned the gun on himself? Consider this: Here is a man who was obviously haunted by fear and a self-loathing for something (real or imagined) done long ago and who did not, seemingly, believe forgiveness was anything he could expect. Yet, when he took steps to take even more horrific steps, where did he tread? Did he go to a local supermarket? Another school? No, he went straight to the one community where, despite anything he might do, he would be blessed with forgiveness by thousands -- as are his family. What a 'bank account of goodness and love' (I'd call it) was deposited for him and his family!

And, in the process of their soul's agreement to meet that day, the souls of the children and of this man have shared a message that can't help but make an impression on the minds of everyone who hears the stories on their TV and radio and internet. Forgiveness, love, "forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us." It's a stunning example many people's minds now have to get their hands around. Are you protesting against this? Not able to fathom it?

While you - we - have been living lives in various guises of fear, lack, defensiveness (with all the attendent traumas, angers, rumors, innuendo, defensiveness, etc etc that take such a brutal toll on our lives whether in our relationship to our boss, our family, our government's decisions, etc), everyday these people are free of the loads that weigh us down; because, in their own way of organizing their community, their beliefs have no place where those harmful concepts can hold onto/Velcro to. And, as a result and in their particular way, their community supports all in their community; and, because they don't construct dividing lines of where or how far love can be extended, they also reach out in prayer to the soul of the man who killed the physical lives of several children as well as to his family, for they, too, are reeling and in need of love.

What will your next response be when someone does something as trivial as "press your buttons?" Choose to let it go. It really is your choice. The larger tragedy is a learning experience we can all take into our daily lives.


Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Reincarnation of India travel memoir, Moonlight on the Ganga

Yesterday I posted the announcement about the new release of my latest book, Living A Radical Peace: Creating Life Anew (July 2006; PublishAmerica; $19.95).

Now here's double your pleasure good news --- My India travel memoir, Moonlight on the Ganga, has been "reincarnated" and is now back-in-print (thanks to The Author's Guild Back-In-Print program). It's available at online stores (; and directly through the re-release publisher, ). I'm pasting a copy of the news release below for you:

Moonlight on the Ganga: India Travel Memoir Reincarnates

Moonlight on the Ganga (ISBN: 0-595-39655-0; $11.95), Claire Krulikowski's back-in-print travel memoir, shares stories of her experiences and insights as she walked along the Ganges River in India.

The trip to India wasn't one she'd planned, says Krulikowski. In fact, she says, it wasn't on her Top 100 places to visit, because of her initial perception of India as being overcrowded and filled with diseases, poverty, and assorted indeciperable gods. Yet, she counts her experience as demonstrative of the power of saying 'yes' to opportunities offered, because she was able to "leave everything I knew behind" (all the shoulds, rules, and beliefs she'd incorporated into her life) and experience the greater depth and meanings of life experiences that were offered to her.

Originally published in 2001 by a small press, travel memoir Moonlight on the Ganga has "reincarnated" thanks to The Author's Guild Back-In-Print Program. The re-publication provides opportunities for new readers to enjoy the poetic prose and insights that have been praised by well-known author endorsers Jean Houston, Lynn Andrews, Sheila Bender, Geoffrey Fox, and others (see endorsements below) . When originally published Moonlight on the Ganga won 3rd Place for "Best Editing" by the Northwest Association of Book Publisher's Awards.

The summery from Moonlight's back cover explains that, " 'Hooks of fear' clawed at author Claire Krulikowski on her first morning's awakening in India, a land she'd never planned to visit. However, in Rishikesh she heard the call of Ma Ganga, the Sacred River, and accepted its enticing invitation to leave everything she knew behind. Diving into the river of life teeming around her, including meetings with lepers, wounded monkeys, swamis, stalkers, pilgrims, shopkeepers, holy cows, and more, Krulikowski stepped outside her beliefs of how things "should be," trusting life and everything in it! She came to know happiness and peace moment-by-moment. Enjoy the stories in her pleasurable memoir..."

This re-released edition of Moonlight on the Ganga is available online at and or directly through the publisher at . Check to ensure you are ordering the new iUniverse edition.

Endorsements for Moonlight on the Ganga

Jean Houston, Ph.D., author of Jump Time and A Passion for the Possible:
“This work flows with the wisdom and depth of the most sacred of all rivers.”

Lynn Andrews, best-selling author of the Medicine Woman series and Love and Power:
Moonlight on the Ganga brings the sacred flow of the Ganga into the illuminating current of spiritual power within each of us.”

Reverand Dr. Lauren Artress, author and creator of The Labyrinth Project:
Moonlight on the Ganga is lush in imagery, bold in articulating experience and allows the reader to reflect on the spiritual essence of his or her own life.”

Geoffrey Fox, author of Hispanic Nation: Culture, Politics and the Constructing of Identity; and Welcome to My Contri:
“Like a Sufi poem in prose, Moonlight on the Ganga illuminates the murky recesses of the soul and surprises us by finding the extraordinary in the most mundane of events.”

Sheila Bender, author of Writing Personal Essays: How to Shape Your Life Experience for the Page; and A Year in the Life: Journaling for Self-Discovery:
In India, when the rich traditions of knowledge were first placed into written form, Krulikowski tells us, it was on palm leaves and tree bark displayed together and hung in cords. So, too, Ms. Krulikowski’s lyric, evocative essays about her life-changing trip to Rishikesh on the Ganges hang together, each one with sparkling gems of insight that enter the reader as easily as water.”

Sabrina Fox, author of Loved By Angels and Who Can Help Me Sleep:
Claire’s willingness to let us share her time on the Ganga, without leaving us out of the most intimate of journeys – self discovery – is a great honor and an inspiration. You can almost feel the crisp touch of the Ganga’s water on your feet as Claire opens up her soul for us to share in her exquisite journey."

Jo Dunning, teacher of The Expanded Heartworks:
This book is a delightful story of travel, insight, and personal expansion. It’s words flow smoothly, like the Ganga, creating a feeling of peaceful calm as each page unfolds its beauty and wisdom.”

Suzanne Piela, author of You Are So Beautiful Without Your Hair:
“At a time when our society is searching for deeper meaning, this book is certain to provide much food for thought.”


Tuesday, August 29, 2006

New Book released, Living A Radical Peace

Book Promotes Living A Radical Peace

The newly released book by author Claire Krulikowski, Living A Radical Peace: Creating Life Anew (ISBN: 1-4241-2279-1; Publish America; August 2006), inspires and entertains readers as it explains that peace is our true reality and a potent energy assembled in a certain format. In Living A Radical Peace, Krulikowski weaves the potential of peace within us all. Using personal parables, illustrations from other texts, and also using Jesus as exemplary of one who defied the status quote and was not passive, Living A Radical Peace proposes that we are encoded as spirit before matter and capable of shaping physical substance and experience to create life anew.

In this book Krulikowski provides readers with five reasons people have come to fear peace, then questions the foundations of our beliefs and the illusions we create when we accept the standards of common authorities. It is, she states, when we each commit Allegiance to a "Higher Authority," rather than the common leaderships and beliefs ingrained within society, that we engage the full power of our soul's call.

A Much Endorsed Book
Living A Radical Peace has received advance endorsements from several well-known authors and media personalities, including the following:

John Randolph Price (author of The Superbeings, and The Abundance Book), finds Living A Radical Peace to be "...truly a book for our time. As a guide to a higher consciousness of peace, it is filled with special exercises to open the heart-mind to change behavioral patterns and to understand the coded imprints of our divine creation. In the process we discover peace within and without as a life-changing experience."

Soul Gardening author Terry Hershey states emphatically that "...Claire Krulikowski asks us to begin the more difficult journey for radical peace, a peace that must begin inside of each of us, and colors our relationships and the world around us. Living A Radical Peace is reflective, thought provoking, and challenging. Read it."

DavidPaul Doyle (The Journey That Never Was) says Krulikowski's book "...brings vision, passion, and understanding not only to the concept of peace but, most importantly, to living the peace of who you are in the world."

Cameron and Lucia Monette-Steele, Contact Radio hosts, are sure "Living A Radical Peace is a guide to help individuals understand what peace truly means and how to live life compassionately, which is the ultimate path to peace."

Radical Peace Book Availability
You can order copies of Living A Radical Peace: Creating Life Anew either from online bookstores and, or directly through publisher PublishAmerica (, or by special order through local bookstores. Cover price is $19.95 and several sites are presently offering new release discount offers.

About the Author
Claire Krulikowski has authored three books, including the recently re-released India travel memoir, Moonlight on the Ganga (new ISBN: 0-595-39655-0) , and a collection of mystic, poetry entitled Rapture. A freelance writer and editor since 1990, she is well respected among writers in the Northwest. Her workshops for writers are enjoyed and well-attended at writer conferences, including the Willamette Writer's Conference in Portand and the Pacific Northwest Writer's Conference in Seattle, Washington; and regional seminars are also scheduled. Her company, Ashootingstarz Production, provides editing, copy writing, research, and PR services beneficial to both writers and business owners.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Jill Carroll Walks To Freedom

In my February 19th blog I'd posted the following:

"The abducted woman reporter, Jill Carroll, requires assistance from us all. The illusion of hate has brought her to center stage. Let many of us link together to bring her out of the troubles with Love. The source of life is not politics, and there is something we all can do...Though the masses of the world have believed the material is the "real world", matter bends and reshapes to spirit, it is, in fact, ruled by Spirit as we allow it to move and breath and have its being. So, let us all get out of our heads and focus ourselves with Spirit regularly during our days, in the reality of Spirit and know that Jill Carroll is save, free to leave, and that there are many ways this can be accomplished easily..Let all of us unite and walk Jill to freedom."

Jill Carroll has walked to freedom. Her captors, whom she said treated her well, came to her and said, "We're going." She was whisked by car and left outside some Party offices in Baghdad. She walked in...

Thank you all - Now forgive, because that brings peace...and know this issue was all an illusion, not reality. Let's keep our thoughts focused on a Higher Authority and more potent belief, unbounded by "matter" and the "reality" of others; a more potent belief than our scripted fears, beliefs, and miscreations.

- ashootingstar

Saturday, March 25, 2006

How We Declare War on Someone

Business and personal empowerment counselors often advised that the most important aspect of human interaction is the ability to listen to what others are saying. However, what's REALLY most important is that we learn to listen to what we ourselves are saying. If you do then you'll probably be able to answer the following question:

When was the last time you declared war on someone else?

No, don't bother racking your minds for some event from your past that resulted in you truly declaring an all out, vengeful rampage against someone, be that slashing tires, getting their girlfriend (or boyfriend), passing lies about them, etc.

War is much more subtle than that.

For example, you're engaged in a political discussion with someone who is on the opposite end of the political spectrum about the war in Iraq/torture of prisoners/etc. What do you think is the intent of this sentence: "You just wait till something like that happens to you. Then you'll see! Then you'll learn!"

First, the person saying it is calling for something terrible /painful/awful/stressful to happen to the other person. They are wishing and hoping for and spell-casting so that other person will experience something dreadful. They've just thrown a spear directly at the other person's person.

Second, the person saying it is doing so because their beliefs (ego beliefs they have pledged their allegiance to) have been challenged by the other person, so they have fallen back on a habitual pattern of self-defense posturing rather than continuing the discussion toward understanding.

Third, the person saying it is needing to cement their "rightness"; the correctness of their belief; the "reality" to which they have pledged themselves, albeit unconsciously, perhaps. To do so, the other person must be proved wrong. To do so the person throwing the spear must believe that everyone will react to a situation in the same habitual way their beliefs have prepared them to respond -- so, having called down this awful scenario upon another, they can feel vindicated/correct because of their surity in how they believe they would respond (Note that it doesn't even have to actually happen to the other person whom they have called the curse down upon. The one declaring war will go about their business confidant that they'll be proved right).

This wish for pain to be felt by another is no less an attack/declaration of war than pulling out a gun or a knife or releasing an army. Think about a bar fight: Someone is intoxicated and feels insulted, pulls out a knife and says "Take that", stabbing the "insulter" through the gut.

So, I'm suggesting a) You pause and listen to what you are about to say so you understand it's real intent and potential and can decide if that is really the kind of person/kind of action you wish to promote/do to another;
I'm also suggesting b) if someone ever says such a thing to you, you lighten up instantly and forgive 'em mentally (coz they know not what they do), and begin a calm discussion that points out to the other that they have just called forth a wish for bad forces/painful things to attack you. "Do you really hope that...XYZ happen to me?"

This inquiry discussion path helps to deflect the war-filled wish and bring it out into the open where the sun can shine on it. The person may still defend that desire, and the two of you can part ways. However, the important thing is that by pointing out the underlying intent of that wish, a corrective idea has been planted into the other's consciousness; and that other person will recall it next time they start their spell-casting. It'll interrupt their thought pattern about it. When habitual thought patterns start to become interrupted, it allows a fissure for new ideas of being and relating to enter.

Consider this: What we wish for another is really being called upon ourselves.

So, war is not massive actions by others OUT there;by governments, by companies, by politicians, etc. War - and Peace - are the choices I and you make everyday.

Are you about to say something?

- Claire

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

How The Universe Disappeared in 1875 (well, at least for Westerners)

In the desire/seeking/studying/reading/meditations upon/etc of spiritual studies there are theories, channelings, research, opinion, visions, feelings unbounded. While Eastern thought is far advanced in many areas, Western thought has contributed much of value to this .

Yet, I've been puzzled. Why, as we've come to understand that:
  • we create with the focus of our thought and desire;
  • that our reality and circumstances can change (no matter how achingly slow it may appear) as our inner beings are healed and our focus changes;
  • as we come to read or even witness how water molecules are completely transformed to beautiful or ugly/healthy or sick based on the thoughts projected towards them;
  • as Quantum Physics provides validation for the non-material nature of the world;
  • as we state we are spirit and not matter (well, some of us);
  • as we seek alternatives to traditional medicine
  • as millions of people read popular, insightful tomes by Deepak Chopra, Bernie Siegel, or books such as A Course in Miracles, or The Disappearance of the Universe, etc...
...Why, after all this, are massive numbers of people NOT demonstrating wellness from serious illness and injury (still most often thought of as "miracles")?????????

It has been done before - though you may not be aware of it.

The key ( as I point out in my soon-to-be-published book, Living A Radical Peace: Creating Life Anew), to any such powerful transformation is Allegiance to a Higher Authority than the material body and the material leaders and rules to which we continue to pledge our Allegiance every moment of our lives. As Yoda said in Star Wars, "Don't Try. Do."

So, despite the most advanced "contemporary thoughts" in the spiritual movement, I want to give credit where it is due, because it was in 1875 the universe disappeared for the first time for Westerners (well, :"the first time" that I know of).

The material universe shattered in the lives of hundreds and then thousands of people starting in that year that Mary Baker Eddy published her first edition (she expanded it about 45 times as her understanding grew) of Science and Health; Too, at that time she began sitting with sick people and awakening them to their actual state of true health. Many more sick or injured people simply read her book and were instantly healed ; other people began training with her to do the same. Meeting halls were jam packed to hear about Christian Science. of course, controversies - and gossip, innuendo, doubt, fear, anger - erupted. Mary, a woman in a very male dominated time, bucked the religious, gender, and medical - not to mention social - structures of those 19th Century times, utilizing and teaching non-medical means to bring people to wellness.

How? Her non-medicine method she called "Christian Science" and Mary came to it via the spiritual source document of her times, i.e. The Bible.

Her reading of it wakened her to believe that God's love could not create less than perfection; that humans are of God so if God is perfect and we're of God then humans can't be sick/hurt/injured. In fact, she stated (and how often have we read this in contemporary books?) that our fear/illness/injury was all an illusion, liken to a dream; that we could instantly come to our right mind and claim our actual reality of wellness.

The accepted, believed it, preached, assumed universe shattered as soon as that idea was advanced, it and disappeared entirely for the many who began accepting their lives as One with God's Spirit and began living by God's laws rather than matter's.

Thousands, then milliions did; so many that Christian Science organizing as a religion (and a religion that did not hold Jesus to be the (only) Son of God- which Jesus never claimed, by the way, stating he was the Son of Man); and a religion that has no pastors; whose texts are limited to readings from the Bible and also Science and Health.

I'm not a Christian Scientist myself, yet I appreciate and highly recommend you read Science and Health With A Key to the Scriptures . Written in the late 19th Century, it's author is far advanced in the substance of deed than our contemporary selves can claim.

Let us claim our rightful life. Where does your allegiance lie? To Spirit or to Matter?

Peace be with you,