Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Newsweek points out Dick Cheney's debate errors

Below is the posting from Newsweek Magazine which tears to pieces VP Dick Cheney's statements during the U.S. Vice Presidential debates that occurred yesterday, Tuesday. (just copy and paste it into your browser)

The purpose of posting it is not merely to clarify facts and straighten out misrepresentations. It is also another reminder that "all that was hidden (and attempted to be covered up) will be revealed." At this time in our evolution, there is no room for untruths, no excuses allowed for misleading people onto paths that are destructive to others. We are all held accountable; we are all responsible for our actions.

On a light note, I also believe it is also far better to dazzle others with brilliance rather than attempt to baffle them with bullshit.

- ashootingstar

Monday, October 04, 2004

Free read of a chapter from: A War Against Truth

A couple of posts ago, I noted the release of the new book by Paul William Roberts entitled A War Against Truth, which is published in Canada.

Now, to read a chapter from this book, just go to the Globe and Mail website: and, in their search, type in: A War Against Truth Paul William Roberts . It'll pull up a few selections from their archive, but click on the one regarding this particular book.

A noted author, historian, and university instructor, Paul William Roberts headed to Iraq just before the U.S. invasion. He lived there with the people through the coalition's entry and afterwards and shares the stories and experiences faced there in his unique style. This is a guaranteed good read!

- ashootingstar

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Unspoken Spoils of Pre-Emptive War

The net hasn't been tossed wide enough over the concept and decision to launch "pre-emptive war" which was the decision of the Bush Administration and has been a focus of the recent electoral presidential elections in the U.S. This is not merely a decision that can be decided by political decision nor a military decision, but one with spiritual ramifications and one speaking to the depth of a person's consciousness.

No one in the first U.S. Presidential debate spoke of the slaughter of innocents -- the deaths and mutilation and "Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome" of the citizens of the country of Iraq whose lives are shattered by "Shock and Awe" campaigns drawn on boards and virtual reality computer screens in the planning rooms of distant Pentagon's and White Houses.

As of this date I write this, there have been a minimum of 12,976 to a maximum of 15,033 innocent Iraqi's killed (see . The number mutilated and wounded, the numbers driven crazed by a civilian PTSS is uncounted; the number of those no longer able to work, the number of those who have lost so much and are drawn by grief and anger to now feel and act on a hate they had not felt before and join the "insurgents" is uncounted and disavowed. A whole new generation is born and raised into conflict and antagonism and pain that had not existed prior.

It is not merely our soldiers, it is not merely our families, it is not merely our industries, it is not merely our lives and lifestyles that matter. They matter.

So, the Pre-Emptor MUST have a defense for invading that is clear and undeniable: War cannot be waged when there is doubt or lack of evidence justifying it. War cannot be waged for vengence. War cannot be waged for profit. War cannot be waged to 'move things along', war cannot be waged to prove ones Might, war cannot be waged to prove righteousness -- Though all of these have rationalized many wars.

While Presidential contender Kerry used the phrase "global test" to describe this ability to withstand any criticism of fact, and to underscore that, in fact, the holes in the rationale for an Iraq invasion are big enough to drive several brigades through, he missed making a big point when even he forgot the "slaugher of innocents."

Administrations shrug these numbers off, stating they are "collateral damage." Those people are, in fact, our neighbors. Imagine yourself, for a moment, living in the suburbs of Baghdad for this last year, during the Shock and Awe air war, try sleeping in the middle of the night or eating breakfast or sending your kids outside to play or attend a weddingwhen you've no idea when a "precision attack" will land next door to you. Try feeling calm walking across a bridge to the market that is surrounded by foreign soldiers carrying big guns who are known to be nervous and have "accidentally" shot others living in your neighborhood.

War is a waste. (So is the debate.) War attacks symptoms. What caused the symptoms? What can be done to allevate the symptoms? Funnel funds and care on that, commit to fixing the foundation and lives and civilizations and cultures can then nurtured upon it.

Traditionally, the phrase "spoils of war" has been used to describe the riches invaders take from a country, yet the true spoils of war rot in the streets.

Just as it is more useful to pause before responding reflexively to a comment another makes - that pause allowing you to reconsider why you might be considering the statement shaping in your mouth and that pause allows you to rephrase a more meaningful and less "reactive" address - it is useful for leaders to pause before launching their plans and ensure their actions offer beneficial meaning and livelihood for all the people their plans will affect. When plans take precedence over people there is a value discrepency. No person, no culture is less valuable than another - or ours.

Consider, for example, the new personal meaning your choice regarding purposeful support and plans for war give to the following statement: ""Whatever you do unto the least of these, you do unto me."

- ashootingstar