Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Vacation & the London Bombing

Two notes today:
Why no posts for awhile?
First, there has not been a posting for some time, partly because I have been on vacation (or preparing for my vacation) along the Oregon coast, camping at Harris Beach State Park; attended tidepool and medicinal plant tours led by the Ranger, etc. Though it drizzled for several days, there is so much beauty in both the wooded hillsides, cliffs, and rugged shore that running through the wet dunes, exploring, or simply sitting for long stretches of time was charming no matter what the weather. Every once in awhile, we all need to "simply be."

London bombing
There has been the bombing of the London transport system, with its many stories of death, pain as well as miracles. One person's story stood out for me that might be ignored in the midst of the others - the story of the mother of one of the teenage suicide bomber. Worried about the type of rough life he was starting to become involved with in their poorer neighborhood, the family had sent him back to Pakistan for a time, hoping he would become grounded in better/different influences in their native country.

Place yourself in this mother's shoes, the feelings of a mother desperate for her son's welfare, trying in non-affluent circumstances to do what she could, only to learn that this one who tugged at her heart was the source of so much hurt to others. Imagine her pain. Imagine the types of pain echoing within the teen's mind that might have led to his choice (if it was, indeed, his choice) to become a suicide bomber. Do you have son, daughter, brother or sister, nephew, cousin, niece, neighbor? Relate to her and her son as if they were members of your own family (they are).

Introduce an antidote into this aspect of the situation, too:
  • Many people are already praying for the victims. That is good.
  • Also, pray for/"talk with" this mother, that her pain be elevated to some new level of understanding and peace, and she release the personal burden of any guilt from her own life, consciousnes, and soul.
  • Pray for/"talk with" the bombers and planners with genuine desire they
  • Seek new perspectives and levels of awareness concerning this, beyond the acts themselves. There are reasons for everything - yet we often only concentrate on the guilt or blame reasons, often failing to seek out the overriding, long term healing benefits or awakenings such acts bring about concerning, for example, the waste and violation of using violence, the level of human dispair that brings such motivations into such acts, how policies or prejudice can influence people. More to the point, we fail to understand how love, understanding, compassion, assistance -- albeit, beliefs in peace and new ways of interacting and governing would create other circumstances. So...look upon behavior in relation to what we could believe and do differently to create new scenarios.

Wage peace...for the mother, the children, the local neighbor or family member, and all the individuals making up our human family the world over...Wage peace in our thoughts, words, and deeds -- and how we view every circumstance.


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