Saturday, October 08, 2005

Are We Connecting with the Pain of Others?

The U.S. and its citizens have had its wake-up storm experience with the back to back Katrina-Rita hit along the Gulf coast in which entire cities were decimated, people suffered lack, and fear, and many hundreds died. We've seemed isolated from it before, and yet it did awaken us to a very personal/cultural view of the results of such destructive force and rescue confusions. It touched the hearts of all of us who related the suffering of others to our own lives, bridging us into aspects of understanding our Oneness with all. Yet, in the U.S. within weeks there is rebuilding and planning and commerce beginning to commence ("casinos just like in Las Vegas" the mayor envisions)

This week in Pakistan/India an a major earthquake hit, killing 3,000 people and devastating huge areas. Photos show entire huge buildings that collapsed on people, schools smashing children, etc. Now, let us look at this and feel again a bond of relating, empathy, and desiring to help and ease the suffering.

It takes courage to lead with our hearts, both in events of tragedy and, as well, in leading out day to day lives differently than before. Looking out upon the world and walking within it in ways that build and unify and uplift and bridge the landscape of our private as well as public worlds rather than walking in ways that judge and attack/destry, promote fearfully and divide. How have you allowed your own life to be changed that betters the tone and tempo of your own as well as impact others in your circle (even if only in subtle ways)? In what new ways can you face your daily work? Spend time relating with work or neighborhood acquaintances? Heal the cracks in family or friendship ties? Influence the decisions of governing agencies? Tend to the wounded in other countries - and down your own street?



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