Thursday, October 20, 2005

Dissipating Wilma - Let's Stop Creating Disasters

After Katrina, weather trackers kept the public on high alert status for the oncoming Rita. We had, it would seem, become a nation fearing hurricanes. We were daily notified we're in the path and millions of people around the nation focused on the storm and its damaging potential. Rita slammed in. Now we are on watch for Wilma.

When will we learn that what we focus on expands? Let's stop contributing to disasters. It is time now to take our attention off the fear and support, instead, peace and well-being. (To see, in a book filled with colorful photos, demonstrations of the power of our thoughts to change the shape of physical things, see A Message from Water by Dr. Emoto from Beyond Words Publishing).

Immediately and throughout the next few days, see the oceans surrounding Florida and the entire Gulf region and Yucatan as calm and if you notice or think of the picture of Wilma, calm her and allow her to dissapate out to sea. Know that you will not be alone as we all join in with this intent.

I wish you well,


Blogger Young Brother said...

Hello Clair, I am a fellow blogger who noticed you enjoyed the movie What The
Bleep Do We Know? great movie, I loved it.
Anyway, I am a floridian, who has felt the wrath of Wilma recently. These times are unprecedented. Weather has broken so many records this year it is rediculous. I am a christian and I believe we are witnessing the beginning of the end, if you are interested, you are more than welcome to visit my blog and see what other freedom fighters are doing. Thank God for this format of creative expression. It will help our race reawaken.

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