Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Is the Best Defense an Early Defense?: Weather Modification

I am laughing to read news reports such as the excerpt below, given that it was weather modification experts who created the extra strong punch of, at least, Hurricane Katrina. Perhaps they are putting out news like that below as an advance defense? Perhaps there is too much suspicion being felt in their corridors? Read this Nov 1st, 2005 MSNBC headline excerpt:

"Military wants the weather on its side
Pentagon studies ways to predict or even influence storms

The one-two hurricane punch from Katrina and Wilma, along with predictions of more severe weather in the future, has scientists pondering ways to save lives, protect property and possibly even control the weather.
While efforts to tame storms have so far been clouded by failure, some researchers aren’t willing to give up the fight. And even if changing the weather proves overly challenging, residents and disaster officials can do a better job of planning and reacting. "

Rather than modifying weather to reduce damage and save property, the secret work of HAARP, its predecessors, and "co-defendants" is actually being utilized to see how weather can be utilized as a weapon to spread fear as well as misery. Obviously, such a program must be tested, and it is often tested. Areas of the Northwest and areas along the coast of California have witnessed it at times, for certain. Katrina was a startling example of how far the work has "progressed", if I might use that word.

Obviously, those who work on producing such "weaponry" have lost touch with the values that unite humanity and all concern for human life. They have placed their allegiance with a paltry authority of limited scope. This is just one more "hidden agenda" in the works that must be revealed.

Allow for this work to be publically uncovered and for its dissolution.

- Claire