Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Purpose of "The System"

Former CRIPs leader, Tookie Williams execution by California authorities at 12:35 p.m. on 12/12/05 gives pause to ask the purpose of the system.

If the purpose of an action and result can not be to turn ourselves around to greater understanding so we can do good, has the rug been pulled out from the purported purpose. To the end of his days, Williams stuck by his claim of innocence. A governor said, basically, "Well, if he's still saying he's innocent instead of remorseful, there's no point in pardoning him."

A Catholic nun at the scene drew comparison that the governor's actions were gang mentality. "When someone does something to you, you get 'em back." Others who met with the Governor stated that his decision was politically motivated, based on the upsetment a pardon would do to his political base.

Williams recently stated, "There is no part of me that existed then that exists now." Pointing to his heart he said he had and created a lot of pain in his life, but "in here I am at peace."

These few snippets of news are provided for us all to consider: To whom are we in allegiance when we make our own consideration about the death penalty? Has a ever governor erred before? What good can we make of this?

Prayers for the living soul of Tookie that can do good in this world from the other side of this veil we so often fail to look beyond.

- Claire