Sunday, February 19, 2006

Walk Reporter Jill Carroll to Freedom

(I'd previously only sent this - below - to a long list of friends, and it will benefit for all readers to participate - Please do, and forward onto your friends as well)

The abducted woman reporter, Jill Carroll, requires assistance from us all. The illusion of hate has brought her to center stage. Let many of us link together to bring her out of the troubles with Love. The source of life is not politics, and there is something we all can do.

Though the masses of the world have believed the material is the "real world", matter bends and reshapes to spirit, it is, in fact, ruled by Spirit as we allow it to move and breath and have its being. So, let us all get out of our heads and focus ourselves with Spirit regularly during our days, in the reality of Spirit and know that Jill Carroll is save, free to leave, and that there are many ways this can be accomplished easily. Too, be with her, assure her that there are forces stronger than may be visible to her, and to allow them to work for her.

Please forward this to everyone you know, so they can forward it quickly. Let all of us unite and walk Jill to freedom.


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