Tuesday, March 14, 2006

How The Universe Disappeared in 1875 (well, at least for Westerners)

In the desire/seeking/studying/reading/meditations upon/etc of spiritual studies there are theories, channelings, research, opinion, visions, feelings unbounded. While Eastern thought is far advanced in many areas, Western thought has contributed much of value to this .

Yet, I've been puzzled. Why, as we've come to understand that:
  • we create with the focus of our thought and desire;
  • that our reality and circumstances can change (no matter how achingly slow it may appear) as our inner beings are healed and our focus changes;
  • as we come to read or even witness how water molecules are completely transformed to beautiful or ugly/healthy or sick based on the thoughts projected towards them;
  • as Quantum Physics provides validation for the non-material nature of the world;
  • as we state we are spirit and not matter (well, some of us);
  • as we seek alternatives to traditional medicine
  • as millions of people read popular, insightful tomes by Deepak Chopra, Bernie Siegel, or books such as A Course in Miracles, or The Disappearance of the Universe, etc...
...Why, after all this, are massive numbers of people NOT demonstrating wellness from serious illness and injury (still most often thought of as "miracles")?????????

It has been done before - though you may not be aware of it.

The key ( as I point out in my soon-to-be-published book, Living A Radical Peace: Creating Life Anew), to any such powerful transformation is Allegiance to a Higher Authority than the material body and the material leaders and rules to which we continue to pledge our Allegiance every moment of our lives. As Yoda said in Star Wars, "Don't Try. Do."

So, despite the most advanced "contemporary thoughts" in the spiritual movement, I want to give credit where it is due, because it was in 1875 the universe disappeared for the first time for Westerners (well, :"the first time" that I know of).

The material universe shattered in the lives of hundreds and then thousands of people starting in that year that Mary Baker Eddy published her first edition (she expanded it about 45 times as her understanding grew) of Science and Health; Too, at that time she began sitting with sick people and awakening them to their actual state of true health. Many more sick or injured people simply read her book and were instantly healed ; other people began training with her to do the same. Meeting halls were jam packed to hear about Christian Science. of course, controversies - and gossip, innuendo, doubt, fear, anger - erupted. Mary, a woman in a very male dominated time, bucked the religious, gender, and medical - not to mention social - structures of those 19th Century times, utilizing and teaching non-medical means to bring people to wellness.

How? Her non-medicine method she called "Christian Science" and Mary came to it via the spiritual source document of her times, i.e. The Bible.

Her reading of it wakened her to believe that God's love could not create less than perfection; that humans are of God so if God is perfect and we're of God then humans can't be sick/hurt/injured. In fact, she stated (and how often have we read this in contemporary books?) that our fear/illness/injury was all an illusion, liken to a dream; that we could instantly come to our right mind and claim our actual reality of wellness.

The accepted, believed it, preached, assumed universe shattered as soon as that idea was advanced, it and disappeared entirely for the many who began accepting their lives as One with God's Spirit and began living by God's laws rather than matter's.

Thousands, then milliions did; so many that Christian Science organizing as a religion (and a religion that did not hold Jesus to be the (only) Son of God- which Jesus never claimed, by the way, stating he was the Son of Man); and a religion that has no pastors; whose texts are limited to readings from the Bible and also Science and Health.

I'm not a Christian Scientist myself, yet I appreciate and highly recommend you read Science and Health With A Key to the Scriptures . Written in the late 19th Century, it's author is far advanced in the substance of deed than our contemporary selves can claim.

Let us claim our rightful life. Where does your allegiance lie? To Spirit or to Matter?

Peace be with you,


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