Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Reincarnation of India travel memoir, Moonlight on the Ganga

Yesterday I posted the announcement about the new release of my latest book, Living A Radical Peace: Creating Life Anew (July 2006; PublishAmerica; $19.95).

Now here's double your pleasure good news --- My India travel memoir, Moonlight on the Ganga, has been "reincarnated" and is now back-in-print (thanks to The Author's Guild Back-In-Print program). It's available at online stores (; and directly through the re-release publisher, ). I'm pasting a copy of the news release below for you:

Moonlight on the Ganga: India Travel Memoir Reincarnates

Moonlight on the Ganga (ISBN: 0-595-39655-0; $11.95), Claire Krulikowski's back-in-print travel memoir, shares stories of her experiences and insights as she walked along the Ganges River in India.

The trip to India wasn't one she'd planned, says Krulikowski. In fact, she says, it wasn't on her Top 100 places to visit, because of her initial perception of India as being overcrowded and filled with diseases, poverty, and assorted indeciperable gods. Yet, she counts her experience as demonstrative of the power of saying 'yes' to opportunities offered, because she was able to "leave everything I knew behind" (all the shoulds, rules, and beliefs she'd incorporated into her life) and experience the greater depth and meanings of life experiences that were offered to her.

Originally published in 2001 by a small press, travel memoir Moonlight on the Ganga has "reincarnated" thanks to The Author's Guild Back-In-Print Program. The re-publication provides opportunities for new readers to enjoy the poetic prose and insights that have been praised by well-known author endorsers Jean Houston, Lynn Andrews, Sheila Bender, Geoffrey Fox, and others (see endorsements below) . When originally published Moonlight on the Ganga won 3rd Place for "Best Editing" by the Northwest Association of Book Publisher's Awards.

The summery from Moonlight's back cover explains that, " 'Hooks of fear' clawed at author Claire Krulikowski on her first morning's awakening in India, a land she'd never planned to visit. However, in Rishikesh she heard the call of Ma Ganga, the Sacred River, and accepted its enticing invitation to leave everything she knew behind. Diving into the river of life teeming around her, including meetings with lepers, wounded monkeys, swamis, stalkers, pilgrims, shopkeepers, holy cows, and more, Krulikowski stepped outside her beliefs of how things "should be," trusting life and everything in it! She came to know happiness and peace moment-by-moment. Enjoy the stories in her pleasurable memoir..."

This re-released edition of Moonlight on the Ganga is available online at and or directly through the publisher at . Check to ensure you are ordering the new iUniverse edition.

Endorsements for Moonlight on the Ganga

Jean Houston, Ph.D., author of Jump Time and A Passion for the Possible:
“This work flows with the wisdom and depth of the most sacred of all rivers.”

Lynn Andrews, best-selling author of the Medicine Woman series and Love and Power:
Moonlight on the Ganga brings the sacred flow of the Ganga into the illuminating current of spiritual power within each of us.”

Reverand Dr. Lauren Artress, author and creator of The Labyrinth Project:
Moonlight on the Ganga is lush in imagery, bold in articulating experience and allows the reader to reflect on the spiritual essence of his or her own life.”

Geoffrey Fox, author of Hispanic Nation: Culture, Politics and the Constructing of Identity; and Welcome to My Contri:
“Like a Sufi poem in prose, Moonlight on the Ganga illuminates the murky recesses of the soul and surprises us by finding the extraordinary in the most mundane of events.”

Sheila Bender, author of Writing Personal Essays: How to Shape Your Life Experience for the Page; and A Year in the Life: Journaling for Self-Discovery:
In India, when the rich traditions of knowledge were first placed into written form, Krulikowski tells us, it was on palm leaves and tree bark displayed together and hung in cords. So, too, Ms. Krulikowski’s lyric, evocative essays about her life-changing trip to Rishikesh on the Ganges hang together, each one with sparkling gems of insight that enter the reader as easily as water.”

Sabrina Fox, author of Loved By Angels and Who Can Help Me Sleep:
Claire’s willingness to let us share her time on the Ganga, without leaving us out of the most intimate of journeys – self discovery – is a great honor and an inspiration. You can almost feel the crisp touch of the Ganga’s water on your feet as Claire opens up her soul for us to share in her exquisite journey."

Jo Dunning, teacher of The Expanded Heartworks:
This book is a delightful story of travel, insight, and personal expansion. It’s words flow smoothly, like the Ganga, creating a feeling of peaceful calm as each page unfolds its beauty and wisdom.”

Suzanne Piela, author of You Are So Beautiful Without Your Hair:
“At a time when our society is searching for deeper meaning, this book is certain to provide much food for thought.”



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